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Only Certified A+ Techicians will work on your computer. 
We offer reasonable rates for Quality services. We understand that when your system stops working, so do you. That's why we can help protect you against downtime due to hardware failure and malware infection. 
Stephen Dascoli, Owner
Stephen is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer who has been working in this field since 1995.

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Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM                                            2200 N. Ponce de Leon Blvd. 
Saturday 9AM-12PM                                                                                          Suite 8 
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Mission Statement:
Using information technology to increase the productivity and profitability of our clients. 
"We are proud of our referral-based business with so many long-time repeat customers," said Stephen Dascoli, owner and founder of US1 Computer Works. "Maybe part of our success is because we never talk down to you, and pride ourselves on being the friendly computer people in town. We will stop everything to give you prompt attention when you walk in our door or call our number."
More than just providing knowledgeable computer service, the people at US1 Computer Works wants you to feel comfortable when you do business with them. They know that you are already stressed if you have a computer problem. 
We will come to your site, listen to your needs and then recommend the best and most affordable options. We also install all hardware and software to get your system working perfectly including: 

1. Install and configure, desktops, laptops, and all peripherals 
2. Install and configure wired or wireless networking components 
3. Install printers and print servers 
4. Install Windows , Windows updates, firewalls, antivirus and other software

Give us a call (904) 827-0271
Privacy, The Internet, What do we expect in the near future. 
All medical professionals will need to comply to new privacy data requirements and they will need the help of a professional to adhere to those guidelines. We would like to find the solutions that are right for your office. 
Celebrating 12 Years in Business in St. Augustine